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IPv4地址段: - 
单位描述: Early registration addresses 
备注: ------------------------------------------------------ 
备注: Important: 
备注: remarks: 
备注: Networks in this range were allocated by InterNIC 
备注: prior to the formation of Regional Internet 
备注: Registries (RIRs): AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE NCC. 
备注: remarks: 
备注: Address ranges from this historical space have now 
备注: been transferred to the appropriate RIR database.remarks: 
备注: If your search has returned this record, it means the 
备注: address range is not administered by APNIC. 
备注: remarks: 
备注: Instead, please search one of the following databases: 
备注: remarks: 
备注: - AfriNIC (Africa) 
备注: website: http://www.afrinic.net/ 
备注: command line: whois.afrinic.net 
备注: remarks: 
备注: - ARIN (Northern America) 
备注: website: http://www.arin.net/ 
备注: command line: whois.arin.net 
备注: remarks: 
备注: - LACNIC (Latin America and the Carribean) 
备注: website: http://www.lacnic.net/ 
备注: command line: whois.lacnic.net 
备注: remarks: 
备注: - RIPE NCC (Europe) 
备注: website: http://www.ripe.net/ 
备注: command line: whois.ripe.net 
备注: remarks: 
备注: For information on the Early Registration Transfer 
备注: (ERX) project, see: 
备注: remarks: 
备注: http://www.apnic.net/db/erx 
备注: remarks: 
备注: ------------------------------------------------------ 
国家代码: AU 
管理联系人: IANA1-AP 
技术联系人: IANA1-AP 
维护账号: APNIC-HM 
次级维护帐号: APNIC-HM 
最后修改记录: 2015-08-28T00:31:18Z 
数据来源: APNIC 
事件响应账号: IRT-APNIC-AP 
角色: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 
通讯地址: see http://www.iana.org. 
管理联系人: IANA1-AP 
技术联系人: IANA1-AP 
联系人代码: IANA1-AP 
备注: For more information on IANA services 
备注: go to IANA web site at http://www.iana.org. 
最后修改记录: 2018-06-22T22:34:30Z 
数据来源: APNIC 
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